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We paid around $4K for the Miele pair of large capacity Washer W4842 and Dryer T9820.I was told they were a great investment and would last 20 years and make our wardrobe look great.

Nothing is farther from the truth. These are the 'gifts that keep on giving'. I have to pay a service repair person about $250 per year on average just to come and fix something. There is a week long wait.

My dryer stopped working and I found the blower fan bits and parts all throughout the filter. It had been repaired two years after purchased brand new and here I was 3 years later with the same old part causing the problem. The washing machine leaves our clothes all wrinkled and shrunken and often with HOLES in our fine J-Crew cotton t-shirts. They really are PATHETIC washers and dryers.

I'm close to GIVING them away to someone who will haul them away and buying a NEW Kenmore or Maytag. I have had those brands at 1/3 of the price of these and had no problems and never needing a service person to our home. How in the world are people still buying these? They are TOTAL LEMONS and I am sorry but the EMPEROR IS WEARING NO CLOTHES.....


Do NOT buy Miele or you will be sorry in your tattered wrinkled clothing with holes in it.And you will also be a whole lot poorer and frustrated too!

Monetary Loss: $3800.


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Kenmore is a good choice. 8) 8) 8)

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