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Update by user Jul 31, 2012

July 31, 2012 noon

Miele has just replaced the refrigerator!!

They said they were going to last Friday, called to verify Monday, and all crews arrived this morning, one to de-install and remove the frige that was still at 50F, and one to bring the new frige. The new one is now being installed!!

Note to Miele: Book service on a refrigerator in 1 to 2 business days, not a week or two.

It looks like your products have issues when you say all your techs are very busy.

As well when the appliance costs $7,500, is less than a year old and within its warranty period waiting a week or two for a service person to show up and look at it is just UNACCEPTABLE!

Next.. CHECK if the problem is fixed before closing the ticket. Why wait for the customer to phone back and open a NEW ticket. The existing ticket should not be closed unless the customer says all is good.

Last note... when the technical department is handed the customer complaint, your customer service group does not see that the customer has called or any history. Customer service should be able to see something that says the file is with the technical department and they should be able to see the history.

Update by user Jul 23, 2012

July 23rd.. Miele customer service came back out last Friday. They replaced more parts. No change in the temperature though. The fridge is currently at 14C, around 57F. I have phoned today and asked them to please just replace the fridge. My reasons:

First stopped working April 13th, 3 months ago

Miele has been out 3 times to replace parts that have not helped

The first time they came out, was only 11 months since they installed the fridge.

The fridge came with a TEN YEAR warranty and has not worked for 3 months out of its first year and change.

Really!!! What does it take to get them to figure out that this is a lemon and just replace it.

Update by user Jun 23, 2012

So... it is now June 23rd.

To their credit, Miele did manage to send somebody out to replace the part they thought was bad 2 weeks ago. They did not follow up to see if the new part was working and it is not. The fridge still is holding at 50F (around 10C). Miele is scheduled to stop by this Tuesday after another follow up phone call last Monday.

So... average time for somebody to come out to check on a service issue on a $7,500 fridge is 8 days.

My KitchenAid in the basement that was less than $2,000 has not had any problems in the last three years. Even with a problem, I could replace it twice for the cost of this fridge, which has stopped working before a year is out and their 10 year warranty is not helpful when they take a week to come out an look at it and then can\'t seem to fix it for over two months now!

Original review posted by user May 19, 2012

My refrigerator has been running at 55F/13C for the last 5 weeks. Miele knows what is wrong.

They have come out to check it out. They have sent somebody to replace a part... the wrong part! Their customer service notes did not tell them which part the original diagnosis said they should replace.

Then, they actually closed their case upon installing the wrong part and then opened a new case when I called to say it was not fixed. Is this their way of saying they resolve things quickly? They offered a 10 year warranty with our refrigerator when we bought it, however it is meaningless. When I phoned it had not been installed for ONE year.

Other notes: Miele believe you should take the day off to wait for them if they say they will come out, only they often don't show up and in total, I would have to *** FIVE days to deal with this as they were not able to arrive even within the time they said they would on one call. Last note: The Miele customer service representative told me that her notes said our refigerator was working.

When I said it was not, she asked me to hold and came back and said, "I was told you have a second refrigerator." so.. With Miele, if you have PAID for more than one refrigerator, only ONE must work.

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