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We have a built-in Miele M8261 Microwave oven that is around 3.5 years old. The front panel came loose and dropped on one side, so we called up Miele service here in Singapore.

We were quoted $100 for the callout charge and that a new front panel would be $895. With GST over $1000 for the repair.

Thinking that they had misunderstood that the front panel was not broken, it was only loose we called back and were then told that they cant re-fix the front panel it can only be replaced.

Unwilling to pay this much I removed the knobs and detached the front panel, only to find its held on with double sided tape..!!!

Shame on you Miele. Firstly for using such a poor method of attachment in the first place. Secondly for refusing to carry out what is a very simple and quick repair (The replacement tape cost $4.90..)

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Same problem

Same verdict

Bloody pathetic, cheap, disgusting quality

Testimony to form over function

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