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I got a brand new machine, in a brand new home, new subdivision. I was calling Miele to find out how to get rid of the smell in my clothes, they recommended using vinegar and do sanitize wash, did it, did not work, they recommended using a descaling product, tried that did not work. Each time I called they suggested different things and nothing worked. Each time I called it was at least 20mins wait. Many times I had to put the phone down as I was calling from work and can not spend that much time on the phone.

Now they won't do anything, they are totally rude and unhelffull on the phone. They promise to call back and never do.

I spent so much money on a machine that they advertise they have the best service in the industry but I have never had worse service. They were rude and refused to listen.

I will never buy any Miele products again and recommend that no one buys there products ever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Miele Washing Machine.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I also have a Miele machine and think customer service is rude, not helpful and don't call back. There is one great service rep but it is impossible to get to him directly.

Pleasant Hill, California, United States #1250440

The smell comes from bacteria. It is the synthetic materials that hold on to this bacteria, at least this is true in my experience.

I have a bunch of males in my home that play sports and their clothes absolutely reek. These clothes typically have to be pre-treated before they are washed. I soak this clothes in water and oxyclean for at least several hours if not overnight. This kills the bacteria.

That is why the top loading washers seem to do a better job... the soaking kills more of the bacteria.

Unfortunately, the top loaders are harder on clothes and use a lot more water... much less energy efficient too.

Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland #1015614

I have Miele since two years. This bad bacteria smell first started when I washed my wool clothes the first time with Miele Ultra Color liquid detergent.

I thought the reason was the wrong detergent. But that smell is spreading to my other cloths too. I put them in the balcony for a week and the smell goes away. And then it starts again somehow.

After reading this thread, I just realized the smell only happens when I use this liquid detergent. I mostly wash with Amway but sometimes use this one to finish it. It came with the machine as gift. I love Miele brand.

It is the best for me. But I have no idea what is wrong with the detergent. I just pour it when the machine takes water. I pour for about 4 seconds.

Is the amount not enough? I don't think my machine has sanitize function.

The highest degree I wash is 60Celcius, when I wash bed sheets and towels. I am also curious to hear more opinions on this.


I agree. My clothes come out smelling like they're coated with detergent as if they are not properly rinsed.

I use less detergent and have also tried borax. If I don't use fabric softener they smell worse!

I bought two of these being told they're the best. Please help with any suggestions.


I have had my Miele washer and dryer now for 10 months, and I love it! it does take longer to to a load than some machines but the results are excellent. I would have the quality of your water checked, that could cause the smell.


I have had my Miele washer & dryer for over 20 years. I have never done or had to have done any maintenance on either machine.

My clothes come out squeaky clean and smell wonderful. I only use Persil. I highly recommend Miele to all my friends and family and bought on the recommendation of others - my sister has had hers for 30 years! I have since purchased a Miele dishwasher and vacuum cleaner.

How can a washing machine possibly make clothes smell?? I can't comment on their service as I have never needed to use it!


You have to use the Persil washing detergent,only 1/4 cup per load! The Persil is for front load washers! We operate a retail store and we have helped a lot of people out,THEY ARE USING THE WRONG DETERGENT

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It is likely not your washer, but newly formulated laundry products with scent and toxic chemicals. Use unscented Arm and Hammer with baking soda detergent, and skip the toxic "fabric softener" and "dryer sheets." They stink up your clothing terribly, and make some of us sick just being around you.

Try also just using some old fashioned Borax (cleans, deodorizes, and I rub into stains successfully to clean). Also, just pouring in some white vinegar.


You have to leave the washer door open for at least 2 hrs. after you use the machine...everytime!

All frontload washers have a rubber boot around the opening of the door and if you do not let that boot dry you will get mold and mildew and it will smell terrible...clean rubber boot with bleach and water every month and leave the door open, the smell should go away and then you can just start leaving door open after use. I have had mine for 4 yrs and never a smell..I always leave my door open and I always use HE detergent and you do not need to use much....white vinegar will act as a fabric softner without all the buildup in your machine that fabric softner will cause.


If you're not happy with a Miele, you won't be happy with anything. They make the best machines.


I might suggest you look in the mirror if you want to see the cause of your problem. Your clothes smell because you're doing something wrong, not the machine!

99.99% of all the "my front load washer smells" complaints are because people don't use the machines properly. Most of these complaints are caused by people washing only cold or warm all the time, using too little detergent, using too much fabric softener, not enough hot or sanitize washes, etc.

Do you have hard or soft water? Have you adjusted the detergent dose for your water conditions and load size?

How much are you using? How often do you wash on HOT or run the SANITIZE function?

The new W4842 has a Machine Clean function which takes care of self cleaning activities. I never thought anything could get my laundry cleaner than my Asko, until I got this Miele.


I have had my miele machine for 6 months and it really cleans well. I am surpised at the negative comments because this is a great machine. I did have an issue when about 2 months ago it needed a different seal on the door- a manufacture upgrade. It did take quite awhile on hold. But the service man fixed the leak and it has been a really good machine.

I really think it is worth the price.

Last time I had a maytag, and had nothing but problems.

Maybe check to make sure you are using HE soap, beacause others foam up too much and that may cause your smell issues?


obviously Mr. "Sick of" is an ***.


Miele is having a price increase on their 2010 new washer the first of Feb. I was going to purchase the 4842 washer and the matching touchtrontic dryer.

Aprox. $3,500. for both. It is already over priced by at least 500.

The new Tax free date for North Carolina is a four-day period - April 22 through Sunday April 25, 2010. The second phase, in June of 2010. This company is too greedy. If I wait for the tax break, Miele is trying to suck up any consumer savings.

Thanks for all these reviews. After six weeks of research, I have just made my mind up about Miele. They blow too many people off after they get their money. Miele sounds like Hitler’s Brainwashing Hype.

Also, Miele locks their price in and if a distributer sells for less, they lose their rights to sell. Now for the icing on the cake...If Miele is so long lasting, Why have they dropped back to a 1-year warranty for a so-called 20 year lasting machine? Because they think the USA will spend that money for what they brainwash is the best.

They laugh all the way to the bank while you are drowning in dirty laundry. Yours and theirs!


The only thing that can cause your clothes to smell is the stuff you are putting into the machine. A few things will help you.

All front load washers need to have the door left open when not in use so mold does not build up. Once its there it can be very hard to get rid of. You may have to do several high temp vinegar washes to break it down. The other is the detergent must be a good quality front load brand.

There are several European brands available at specialty shops. These brands perform better than the North American brands you find at your local market. They leave less residue in your machine.

You also need to cut down on the amount of detergent and fabric softener you are adding. Less is better.


I have the same problem with mine. At first the vinegar and do a run on 'sanitize' worked, also emptying the water from the trap (every day!) but these 'fixes' are no longer working...

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