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Update by user Mar 22

As an update, my freezer still has a back wall that is ice and I can not use the top shelf or the very back since the frost builds over anything in those locations. New issues have also started with the freezer.

The settings go to -22 for days on end. And even if I over ride them to -5 they reset to -22 immediately. Then, out of the blue a few days later it will go to -5 on its own. In this period the ice maker usually stops making ice and at some point the alarm starts going off.

Calling Miele would make sense for a warranty call and I have. Problem is that I can not get a service person for more than a week. I have tried twice when this happens and by the time they are due to come (7-10 days later) the issue is resolved. Why can't I get a service person in less than one week?

Ask Miele! Same guy always comes, nice guy, I know about his kids little league stats and his wife's job too as I have spent over 100 hours with him since I started this Miele journey. As for the downdraft, it works 80-90% of the time. But how can I call a service person when it may work the next time?

Should I not cook for 10 days?

I can not overstate, the products are no good and the customer service for after sales warranty is non-existent. I have requested that the President of the company call me many times yet no word.

Update by user Sep 18, 2017

Now my guy at Miele in NJ moved on and I am trying to get a new person I can get up to speed on my Miele headaches.

Original review posted by user Sep 18, 2017

We bought the lot, oven, microwave, steam oven, 2 dishwashers, cook top, down draft, 36" fridge, 36" freezer and they all stink! I am 2 years in and I am on my 3rd down draft and it is broken, 2 fridges, 3 freezers, microwave handle fell off and the door discolored inside the glass, the cooktop was replaced once.

I have a person there to talk to in NJ but he does not respond, I have to hound him. Customer service stinks, it can take weeks to get someone out to fix this crap. At one point they told me 3 weeks to get the freezer repaired! What was I supposed to do for 3 weeks??

GE gets someone out in 24-48 hours. Sales people are just that, they will not and can not help with the after sales support.

Really, buy anything else. This stuff looks great but if anything goes wrong you are hanging out there a fool for throwing your good money down the drain.

Product or Service Mentioned: Miele Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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