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Miele's published promise to it's customers is "Immer besser" or "Forever Better". They also claim "Unparraleled quality and impeccable craftsmanship", and also states "...customers willing to pay a premium should receive premium service..." and also "..the Miele brand is now identified with unsurpassed product quality>"

In my recent experience these claims are hogwash!

After careful research and in anticipation of making a wise choice that would give us years of satisfaction, we purchased a $3,400.00 (plus tax! ), Miele Island Hood (DA2700), which we had installed in our new kitchen in late September 2005.

This last September, 2010, the motor began to squeak and emit grinding sounds some days. Thinking it was something minor, and being busy, we ignored it as something minor.

Just before Christmas it got loader and almost constant.

Because we were going skiing over the holidays we decided we'd call Miele Canada service upon our return, which we did in early January, and also sent them an e.mail outlining the problem/

In our e.mail to Miele, we stated that we were dissapointed in the short Motor life of such an expensive appliance, and also pointed out that because we were out of the country for 3 months every year, the motor had actually only lasted and operated for approx 3.75 years, in a normal 2 child plus 2 adult household.

We also mentioned that Miele's brochure specifically stated the hood came..."equipped with a unique double-sided impeller, which improves performance and extends the life of the motor." and surely Miele, like us, could not be happy with the failure of the motor after such a short period of use.

We also pointed out that we had done nothing wrong, except use the hood as advertised and supplied, and in accordance with Miele's instruction manuals, and respectfully requested that miele accept responsibility for providing us (inadvertently we were sure), a rare, substandard product that failed to meet both our and Miele's customer satisfaction standards..

i.e. The motor was claimed by Miele:-to have an extended motor life. To be of unparalelled quality and impeccable craftsmanship; and of unsurpassed quality, all of which it obviosly was not!

We felt misled and disapointed and respectfully requested that both the labour and part necessary to remedy their defective product be supplied at to charge to us.

We also requested that a copy of our e.mail be forwarded to their vice President for consideration.

When the courteous Miele serviceman arrived, I asked him why the motor on such an expensive appliance would fail so early, He said he did not know, but as there was cooking oil on the inside surfaces of the stainless steel permanent filters, he believed it was because oil had gotten into the motor. I replied, We did not design the filters, washed them whenever the red light said we should, and that if oil had gotten past the filters, it was Miele's poor filter design that allowed it, and was not because we did or failed to do anything- but use it strictly in accordance with Miele's user manual.

On further questioning, the service man said that oil residue from cooking had got into the motor bearings and gummed them up!

I could not believe my ears! Don't tell me Miele does not use Sealed Bearings in the Motor??? and he replied "...well -half sealed..."

Knowing that sealed bearing cost pennies more than non sealed bearings, I was outraged and said "What did Miele expect to happen??? DUH??? This appliance is designed to work in a fume and oil impregnated environment and if Miele failed to supply or design a motor specifically to work in such an environment, this was not my fault but the sole fault of Miele's negligence and I did not want to pay top dollar for sub standard product that was falsely advertised to me.

Long & the short of it is, not only did we not get any reply from their Vice President or any other senior representative, not only did I have to wait for long periods for Miele customer care to even answer their computerised phone system, Not only did I have to leave several messages on several extensions, but when I finally got a call from a Miele representative, he appeared to be unaware of the fact that non sealed bearing were used, but did not even know that the Stainless steel filters were permanent and dishwasher safe, but asked me if I had ever changed the filters or bought new ones! The hopeless individual did not even understand his own product!

Desperate to use our Exhaust hood, and exhausted from dealing with such an unethical bunch of people, I simply said "Look, we are separate for the repairs as we cannot cook on our gas stove without an exhaust fan, it is now deep winter weather and I have children in school who need to be fed cooked meals, just fix it and I'll pay.

Miele's kind, but obviously hampered by company policy, service men returned today, and replaced the motor at a cost to us of $465.00 (tax inc). We are really disappointed at Miele's false promises, seemingly false advertising, and total disregard for their up to now, loyal customers. We will never recommend Miele appliances to anyone in future. Buyer beware!

Product or Service Mentioned: Miele Dishwasher.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1123566

Same problem, same fan. Bought a replacement motor from Miele for $450 with shipping and tax and it lasted 3 years.

Another $450 motor and $300 install. I believe they intentionally use cheap bearings, once you install it, you are pretty much stuck and you have to buy it from Miele. I wrote them a letter, no response. The service rep.

did offer 10% off a new one, wow, instead of $750 every 3 years, it will only be 700.

Thanks Miele. I believe all their products are nice looking, high priced pieces of junk.


Buy it from a dealer that services it! To anyone else looking for this brand.

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States #897864

Having the same problem with bearing noise. No parts available online.

Minimum of over $250 for a service call.



sounds exactly like our problem. We went through the same thing in March 2011. Now in August we have the OTHER FAN doing it...

Another $500.00 to fix it.

We are really disappointed.

Service is good. Support is terrible from Miele. They won't own up to this being a problem with quality. Incidently our fan is only 18 months old....


i'm puzzled,

i have a miele exhaust fan for over 7 years now though maybe not the same one but those filters are a lot better than most other filters i have seen.

in addition after using mine and having the indicator suggest cleaning i checked the inside beyond the filters and there was no oil or residue to be found so those filters work, and work well, even after 7 years.

now a days i just put the filters in the dishwasher ever couple of months and mine is working as well now as the day i got it.

so how that came past your filter is puzzling, i'm thinking you didn't clean your filters right or they weren't probably put back.

to somethign dosn't seem right Oakville, Ontario, Canada #897957

Appreciate your comments, but for the record, we put the filters in the dishwasher every time the red light came on. Then just look, at the image of our kitchen which was included with our comments..

Does that liking like the home of someone who is careless and or slovenly enough to "not put back filters" ?

Furthermore, before retirement, I owned and operated a major appliance manufacturing corporation with export distribution to 30 countries. I am intimately familiar with fans of all description and really know the difference between a sealed bearing and a cheap non- sealed bearing. Miele to their shame, supplied non sealed bearings, which allowed the microscopic cooking residue exiting all but the most sophisticated filters in the world, to build up and clog the cheap bearings Miele used. Also.

What about Miele not even bothering to answer, my e.mails to their President., or even bothering to return my numerous calls?

As for your seven year run of good performance, I previously had owned an ordinary $160.00 vent hood from the Home Depot which we used for almost 15 years with never a problem. In fact millions of people have probably had the same good experience with their range hoods.. That's what is to be expected of a range hood.

That's why I am still disgusted at Miele....Lousy product with lousy product service at an inflated cost. Shame on Miele management!

to Paul Muser #1160193

I also had problems with a Miele extractor hood. Within 2 years and I had to replace the filters (120 $) every six months following the user instructions.

It worked intermittent and sometimes not at all.

Just poor quality and junk. It is typical example I guess of a company that had become arrogant and started to focus on money by cheaper design and materials instead of quality first.

I don't buy Miele anymore and will not recommend anyone else to buy it as well.

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