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I bought the Miele HB5040 COMBI OVEN purely for the SS/metal interior surface.I thought it is the optimum surface to maintain easily and consistently with a wipe down and no harsh chemicals or scrubbing.Much to my horror the stains are irremovable either with their recommended MIELE OVEN CLEANER or a warm/soapy/soft sponge.The instruction booklet specifically specifies ONLY the use of the Miele oven cleaner on their ovens.At time of purchase neither the price nor capabilities were a concern as the interior surface of this oven "sold" me.

My oven ,still under warranty,was replaced with a new filter because the Miele Oven Cleaner ,APPARENTLY, should NOT be used on the COMBI Model.This is not specified in the instruction booklet .This information was passed onto me by the after sales tecnichan.

The issue I am dealing with is that neither the Miele Oven Cleaner nor a warm soapy sponge remove splatter stains from this oven??????Miele's solution to this was to learn to live with the stains!

On top of all this the filter is now deflecting metallic speckles ,through the vents ,from the previous filter.

After numerous calls other customer reps are still recommending the use of the Miele Oven Cleaner-They do not believe me when I tell them otherwise.

At this point we are only using the Microwave aspect of the oven and I have purchased a WEBER BABY BBQ as my new Oven.

Where are you MIELE?

Complete Customer Dissatisfactionon 1:Brand

2:Quality of Brand

3:Customer Service Response

Please see Photos.

Product or Service Mentioned: Miele Microwave.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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