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I am a very unhappy and disappointed loyal Miele customer (products less than 6 months old at time of this review)

So me and my family finally bought our place in Sydney at the end of last year and naturally we were very excited. We were excited that we had a place we could call home and excited that we could buy the furniture we always wanted, decorate the apartment and drill holes without needing to ask for permission and of course upgrading our kitchen. The kitchen that the apartment came with worked perfectly fine, actually more than fine, they came with very high end European appliances but me being a foodie, decided that I wanted more. From the beginning I only considered Miele and no other brands, it was basically a one horse race, it was basically just deciding which Miele appliances to get. I ended up buying 3 very expensive Miele kitchen appliances - the top of the line H6860 oven, the G6620 semi-intrigrated dishwasher and DG6401 steam oven. Mind you I had to custom make my cabinet to fit all the appliances we wanted. But we knew it was worth it cause Miele products are very reliable and they last for a very very very long time.

Our family has been using Miele products for as long as I can remember (20+ years) and they have always worked fine so I didn’t expect anything else when you purchase Miele, after all their slogan is Immer Besser which roughly translated to Forever Better. So after doing my research and visiting the Sydney showroom once just to have a hands on feel of the appliances I confidently placed my order. I’m an easy customer since I already knew exactly what I wanted and the visit to the showroom was more to touch and feel their beautiful products. Excited and relief I waited for my products to arrive.

Everything went well up to this point, the delivery (Feb 2018) was on schedule and boy was I excited to use my appliances.

However after instillation, little cracks started appearing.

First minor problem - The universal tray and rack that came in the oven ws actually damaged, it looked like it had been dropped from a height so it needed replacing. Small issue but still a little bit of an inconvenience cause pictures had to be taken and emails exchanged, they sent new tray and rack which was expected so issue closed.

Now for the 1st major problem we encountered - light in the steam oven wasn’t working, I actually didn’t even realise that till probably a couple weeks to a month after we got the steam oven. So once again it was an inconvenience to me as I had to call Miele Australia service centre and set up an appointment and get someone out to take a look etc etc etc. Apparently they are very busy and the next time slot was something like 2 weeks away, it wasn’t that big of an issue cause the steam oven was still working, I just couldn’t see inside when the doors were closed cause the lights were not working. But of course it is a brand new product and you expect it to work perfectly especially if you are paying top dollar for Miele. So a day before the scheduled appointment, I received a call and was told that the technician was sick and they had to reschedule, which left me pretty pissed. I understand that people get sick but to cancel the day before after I had taken leave from work left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, couldn’t they have done more to make sure the appointment would still happen? That I reckon is what happens when you outsource all your technicians and not have an in-house team. So we rescheduled the appointment and when they finally came out, they said it was easier to give me a new steam oven rather than repair the light. Which of course I agreed to and something that should be done as its a manufacturer product fault and no fault of mine at all. However that meant that I had to make another appointment and take another half day of leave for them to come and replace the steam oven. I also had to book the delivery with my building manager so that they organise the lifts and all. Nothing hard, but once again a big inconvenience for me.

Second minor issue - The trays from the steam oven, they started to rust when I put them in the dishwasher and I was thinking to myself “WHAT IS GOING ON” Again I had to send emails and take pictures and this time the lady replaying my emails was very unprofessional, she said that I couldn’t put the trays in the dishwasher when clearly the trays are dishwasher friendly. This incident really started to get me questioning whether Miele Australia customer centre knew what they were doing. Anyways trays replaced when I requested to have someone else take my case, but I think you can see the trend here, more inconvenience for me and me really starting to question the quality of my Miele products. Where they giving me inferior products? Were they really made in Germany?

2nd Major problem - So everything is fine for the next couple months and then on the 1st of August 2018, my dishwasher broke down on me. It was showing a F78 error, so once again had to call Miele Australia service centre to get someone to come out and take a look at it. Told them over the phone what exactly was happening as well as the F78 error message. Was given an appointment on the 8th of August 2018 which was a week’s time (once again too long wait time, and probably cause everything is outsourced) As you can imagine the dishwasher breaking down was the biggest inconvenience of the lot. Firstly we had a dishwasher full of dirty plates, bowls, utensils, cutlery etc etc which obviously we had to hand wash. We buy machines to make our lives easier and definitely not to disrupt our daily lives. So did the dishes for a week while we waited for the technician to come out. When he finally comes, and I tell him what is going on, he immediately says that its a major problem and that he has not seen a F78 error in the years he’s been fixing Miele machines. And I asked him, didn’t Miele Australia tell you that I was getting this error message? NO was the answer. No communications between technicians and Miele Australia service centre, so basically another wasted day waiting for the technician to come and leave after 10 mins telling me that he could not do anything about it, and I would probably need to get it replaced. Obviously thats not a good sign and again have to call Miele cause the technician is outsourced and not hired by Miele Australia. Called them twice after he leaves and spent about 30mins each time waiting for a person to answer the phone, when they finally do answer I request to speak to the manager and magically when I am put on hold to look for the manager twice, my line gets cut off after waiting about 40 mins for each phone call. It might be a coincidence or bad luck but at this point who knows!? Also during the 1st call, the lady on the line would not shut up, she kept talking over me, answering my question before I could finish, it was as if she was a mind reader. I literally had to ask her to keep quiet so she could hear what I wanted to say. She also asked me to sent her the technician’s report which totally made me blow my top. I HAVE TO SEND YOU THE REPORT? And not the other way round? You have a service centre to help me solve my problems and not the other way round where I make your life easy by doing the work for you. Definitely needs better customer service training. The staff do not have a clue to what they are doing and in my opinion are a bunch of idiots! I also want to mention that everything is recorded, so please go listen to your tapes if you are reading this Miele Australia.

As you can see, 2 major problems and 2 minor problems in less than 6 months time. Obviously I am a very unhappy and very disappointed customer at the moment, with both the quality of products as well as Miele Australia customer centre experience. I though that buying Miele products would make my daily life easier but it was been pretty much a nightmare. They are great when they work, but a pain to deal with when they aren’t! Miele Australia should seriously look at themselves in the mirror and do something that would make their customers experiences a happy and memorable one, instead of making my life a big inconvenience!

I am now sitting on the fence as to whether I would buy another Miele product. I know they are still good products and I might have been very unlucky having needed to get 2 products changed in the first 5 months but their customer experience is definitely something that needs to be improved. At this point I am definitely not recommending Miele to my friends and family at this point in time.

Update* after dish washer has been replaced and after writing the majority of the review.

3rd major problem - Miele Australia came to replace the dishwasher, for some reason they booked the job twice which means I had it changed, I left my apartment after it was done and about an hour later someone called and said he was here to change the dishwasher. What a comedy of errors.

Now before they left, we tested the machine and it worked fine, now a day later I am trying to do my 1st wash and I am being showed a F70 error message. I am officially PISSED OFF. Just called them 1st thing Monday morning and said would need to be changed again! So 3rd machine change over in less than a 6 month period. Would never recommend this *** brand to anyone I know. Can’t get their *** together, can’t do a simple job and I think they are selling/replacing my machine with other faulty machines!

Summary - 3 machines changed in less than 6 months, definitely not the German reliability I though I was buying. WILL NOT BE BUYING ANOTHER MIELE MACHINE IN THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Everything right now, Customer service.

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