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We purchased a Miele dishwasher, washing machine and dryer 5 years ago. The dishwasher never functioned properly and would give an error message everytime you started a cycle.

If you then turned it off, and restarted it, it would run. There is one company that services Miele appliances in our area and they could not determine what the problem was. Now less than 5 full years later, it has completely stopped cleaning the dishes. We have to first wash them by hand and then run each load twice.

The plastic face of the washer and dryer is cracking and breaking. The soap drawer of the washing machine is cracked. The latch for the dryer door is broken. The company says that we must be too rough with the machines.

However, the plastic is literally glass with craze lines running through it. What could we possibly do to a washer and dryer to cause the plastic of the entire front of both machines to crack?

Miele sells overpriced junk.

Product or Service Mentioned: Miele Dishwasher.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Totally agree the product is rubbish wished I had read reviews before purchase


I have the same issue. soap drawer literally looses pieces every week.

can't find any parts for it online either. guess I'll be calling miele, and hoping for the best.


I have the same plastic cracking problem. Never had that problem with other machines and it has nothing to do with rough use. My dryer does not even dry well.


same cracking is happening on my washer and dryer.

New York, New York, United States #652555

For those of you who called a "Miele certified repairman" to look at your machines, you should first call the Miele 800 number and have Miele send a technician to evaluate. In our case the local repairman recommended replacing our 13 yr old Novotronic washer would mean getting a new dryer since they are stacking units (thousands of $$$).

I then called Miele HQ and they sent a technician who fixed the problem for $300.

to RexHavoc Toronto, Ontario, Canada #875712

Thanks for that. I was told to replace my pdryer t9800 and am now waiting for miele to evaluate the problem.

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